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Art Gallery

  • Current Featured Artists

    West coast contemporary fine art by established and emerging Canadian artists 

     dream of the unknown

    Aunaray Carol Clusiau, Dream of the Unkown, acrylic on board 72x36, $2800

    At Brentwood Bay Resort, we value artists and the wealth of culture they provide not only to be enyoyed in our space, but to our local community, and in Canada as a whole. We are proud to showcase local artists from British-Columbia who are responsible for contributing to the progression of Canada as a thriving contender in the contemporary art world.

    The goal of our art program is to create spaces rich with texture, colour and culture while providing a world class venue for artists to showcase their work to an audience of worldwide guests.

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    Purchasing Information

    All artwork on display is for sale. To purchase a piece, please contact the front desk and more information will be provided to you. Alternatively, you may contact the Art Program Coordinator.


  • Forage + Design

    Calgary, AB

    forest art forage design
    Forage + Design is a Canadian art studio that specializes in the use of sustainably foraged and harvested, natural elements to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for homes and commercial spaces.

    Each piece is handcrafted using mosses, ferns, branches, bark, driftwood and other natural elements to paint a captivating image of the forest’s beauty. All elements are preserved so that the colours and vibrancy are maintained. They partner with local artisans that build beautiful stained and repurposed frames for each piece.

    Each Forest Art creation is designed and crafted by their Chief Designer, Heidi Bekker. Heidi is passionate about creating art that inspires wonder in our natural world. She is an avid gardener that spends as much time as she can in the forest.

    Large Forest Art, Forage + Design, $2400


  • Judy Larsen

    Victoria, BC


    Judy Larsen is an abstract artist who works with mixed media, primarily acrylics. She studied watercolour at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, attended Georgian College's Fundamentals of Art program, later studying with Lila Lewis Irving and Marlene Hilton Moore.

    As a visual artist she has a wide ranging style of painting and illustrating that includes storyboards for film to her more fluid approach displayed here. Her current painting style is influenced by the periods known as Abstract Expressionism and Colour Theory, and the artists Hans Hoffman and Helen Frankenthaler.

    Judy works and teaches a style of painting originated by Frankenthaler known as Non-Objective painting. She has exhibited works at The Loft Gallery and The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts; other works by Judy are held in private collections.

    Instagram, Etsy Shop






    Kneel and Kiss the Ground, acrylic on canvas, 24x30


  • Judy McLaren

    Deep Cove, BC


    Judy has worked largely in the figurative tradition for over 30 years. Her early training included studies at the Ontario College of Art in the late 70s under the tutelage of master Canadian painter, Hugh Mackenzie, and then later refined her skills in the disciplined world as an artist at the Royal Ontario Museum. Her painting style is often characterized by energetic, directional brushwork with big, bold compositions and expressive use of colour. Light is always paramount, ever influencing the composition and form.

    Judy’s art is a responsive, reactive art. She finds material everywhere - from cloud formations to conversations. Images are channelled through her eyes and heart to the brush and onto the canvas, always attempting to eliminate the fleeting and insignificant so that the core, the elemental and the monumental  are rendered. She finds the absolute in the mundane, the truth behind the façade. She hopes that her work is a transformative celebration of the world we all share.

    Recently Judy has been exploring waterscapes. She likes to think that being born on a small island off the coast of France and living on a larger island the Pacific Northwest have influenced her passion for the ever changing confluence of planes and surfaces of the ocean. Judy has been applying her experience and familiarity with working on the human figure to explore the tensions, rhythms and sculptural qualities of the sea, which like skin, moulds and forms over underlying structural surfaces. Always changing, the sea is a never-ending source of inspiration.



  • Haley Burns

    Victoria, BC

    haleyburnsartl haleyburnsart2

    Haley Hudson Burns is a photographer and graphic designer born and raised in the Okanagan Valley. She has lived in the mountains, the prairies, and beside the sea right here in Victoria. She has a healthy obsession for texture, natural and man made, and the product of these elements as they are exposed to the effects of time and nature. Her current passion lies in the margins of where the land and the sea meet. Her most recent collection, La Vida Marinha,  features the vibrant details found in the Victoria Marina, as well as marinas in Portugal, and the Balearic Islands. 

    She is currently based in Golden, British Columbia. 


  • Art By Di

    Bowen Island, BC

    artbydi HoweSound

    Howe Sound, Giclée on Canvas, 18x36, $450 

    Di (Diana Izdebski) was born in Vancouver, BC in 1984. She works with acrylic on canvas and focuses on the colorful and striking landscapes surrounding her home on Bowen Island. After completing a Bachelor of Arts with Archaeology Major from Simon Fraser University in 2009, in 2010 she began freelancing as an Archaeological Illustrator. It wasn’t long before she gave in to the desire to paint and hasn’t put a brush down since. Self-taught in acrylics her first Solo Exhibition was at The Gallery in Artisan Square on Bowen Island in 2014. She took a brief hiatus in 2015 to have a daughter and is now back in the studio making steady progress on numerous projects, including two 360 degree murals for the new BC Children’s Hospital Teck Acute Care Center.

    She lives and works on Bowen Island, BC and is heavily influenced by the natural beauty found on the West Coast.


  • Shayne Stadnick

    Victoria, BC

    FoggyLipFog Lip, The sun pushes through the fog revealing the ruggedness of our voast and the clarity of the water, 48" metallic canvas, $725

    "Shooting in the Pacific Northwest can be a different game. It’s colder, wetter, darker and that’s what makes it so amazing. It’s still untouched and undeveloped and when the sun does come out it seems to shine that much brighter. There is a raw natural beauty here and trying to incorporate that into my images is something I am constantly working on. My name is Shayne Stadnick and I spend all the time I can on the shores or in the waters of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. I focus on drawing out the simple beauty in waves big or small, and try to capture those brief moments of perfection in all conditions. Some days it’s hard to be on the beach or in the water with my camera instead of my surfboard, but the satisfaction of capturing a beautiful image almost equals the feeling of riding a wave." - Shayne Stadnick