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  • Current Featured Artists

    West coast contemporary fine art by established and emerging Canadian artists 

     dream of the unknown

    Aunaray Carol Clusiau, Dream of the Unkown, acrylic on board 72x36, $2800

    At Brentwood Bay Resort, we value artists and the wealth of culture they provide not only to be enyoyed in our space, but to our local community, and in Canada as a whole. We are proud to showcase local artists from British-Columbia who are responsible for contributing to the progression of Canada as a thriving contender in the contemporary art world.

    The goal of our art program is to create spaces rich with texture, colour and culture while providing a world class venue for artists to showcase their work to an audience of worldwide guests.

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  • Aunaray Carol Clusiau

    Peachland, BC

    dream of the unknown

    Dream of the Unknown, acrylic on board 72x36, $2800

    Growing up in Toronto, Aunaray Carol Clusiau was blessed by location: living in a culture saturated city, she was never short of inspiration and art museums to explore. With rigorous enthusiasm she enrolled in her first art classes at the Ontario College of Art. Instructors invited models right off the street, with large-bellies, lots of wrinkles, wearing nothing but a bottle of rum. Little did she know she would spend the next seven years as an art student, unwilling to give up the pleasures of so many tools and mediums. Engaging in everything possible from sculpture, photography, painting and drawing to pottery and performance, she had a hard time choosing a focus. After apprenticing in Victoria BC with Mexican painter Luis Merino, she was accepted into Emily Carr College of Art and Design and was well on her way to becoming a painter herself. With an about face, Aunaray chose to major in film studies and since graduating, has had a fruitful career in the film industry. She has directed over 70 music videos and wrote, directed and produced Karaoke Queen, a film about her experiences in the unique world of karaoke in Asia. Now turning her attention back to painting, Aunaray works at her studio in Peachland. Utilizing unique techniques and mediums, Aunaray creates impressionistic waterscapes that reflect her playful and inquisitive personality.


  • Aura Arindam

    Victoria, BC

    Aura Arindam - Iris

    Iris, acrylic on canvas

    Originally from the province of Ontario in Canada, Aurafidélité Arindam studied for her Master’s degree at McGill University in Montreal. In 1991 she moved to Victoria, British Columbia.

    Aura uses coloured pencils for her botanical drawings and acrylics for her botanical, seascape, landscape and skyscape paintings. She apprenticed with her late husband, an accomplished professional artist who studied under Salvador Dali and at prestigious international art schools around the world. His artwork was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. For several years, they also worked for a UNESCO-sponsored project whose aim was to bring human unity and peace between various nations of the world. She is now an accomplished artist in her own right.

    Aura has been a registered member of the Botanical Artists of Canada and the American Society of Botanical Artists. Her orchid drawings received 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize ribbons at the Victoria Orchid Society’s 28th Annual Show & Sale. Her artwork has been featured on CHEK News television, on local radio and in publications including Focus magazine, Boulevard magazine, Victoria News, James Bay Beacon newspaper, B.C. Iris Society Newsletter, Botanical Artists of Canada Newsletter, and many others. Her artwork has been shown and sold at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Sooke Harbour House, Legacy Art Gallery, Community Arts Council of Victoria Cedar Hill Main Gallery, Fernwood Inn, Munro's, Emily Carr House, Teahouse at Abkhazi Garden, Patient Care Centre of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Look Show, Cenote Lounge & Restaurant, The Papery, Moss Street Paint-In, Serious Coffee in James Bay, during the American Iris Society National Convention, the James Bay Art Walks and Fairfield Artists Studio Tour and to private art collectors. Her artwork has also been used as a CD music cover. She does private art commissions.

    “With our often hectic, fast-paced lives, I feel it is important to stop and admire the beauty in our lives in order to provide some peace within and enrich our soul. It is my hope to communicate that beauty and peace through my artwork.”
  • Forage + Design

    Calgary, AB

    forest art forage design
    Forage + Design is a Canadian art studio that specializes in the use of sustainably foraged and harvested, natural elements to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces for homes and commercial spaces.

    Each piece is handcrafted using mosses, ferns, branches, bark, driftwood and other natural elements to paint a captivating image of the forest’s beauty. All elements are preserved so that the colours and vibrancy are maintained. They partner with local artisans that build beautiful stained and repurposed frames for each piece.

    Each Forest Art creation is designed and crafted by their Chief Designer, Heidi Bekker. Heidi is passionate about creating art that inspires wonder in our natural world. She is an avid gardener that spends as much time as she can in the forest.

    Large Forest Art, Forage + Design, $2400


  • Judy Larsen

    Victoria, BC


    Judy Larsen is an abstract artist who works with mixed media, primarily acrylics. She studied watercolour at the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design, attended Georgian College's Fundamentals of Art program, later studying with Lila Lewis Irving and Marlene Hilton Moore.

    As a visual artist she has a wide ranging style of painting and illustrating that includes storyboards for film to her more fluid approach displayed here. Her current painting style is influenced by the periods known as Abstract Expressionism and Colour Theory, and the artists Hans Hoffman and Helen Frankenthaler.

    Judy works and teaches a style of painting originated by Frankenthaler known as Non-Objective painting. She has exhibited works at The Loft Gallery and The Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts; other works by Judy are held in private collections.

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    Kneel and Kiss the Ground, acrylic on canvas, 24x30


  • Lil Chrzan

    Horsehoe Bay, BC

    Spilling Light 46x54

    Lil Chrzan is known for her luminous landscape paintings. She invites the viewer to enter her world and experience an emotional déjà vu while viewing her dramatic light-filled paintings. Light plays a powerful role in her paintings creating a sense of wonder and awe, a sense of the transcended. Chrzan’s paintings hum with a spiritual intensity.

    Paintings about Nature and wilderness have a long tradition in our cultural history and have taken on a new urgency and resonance of late, particularly in British Columbia where our regional identity is closely tied to our spectacular landscape. Lil’s paintings are an important and timely contribution to the discourse about our values as a region and as a culture.

    Chrzan’s paintings reflect her personal and emotional connection with Nature which is alluded to in the painting titles. These scenes also depict experiences and memories, personalized light and space. Lil’s landscapes are never a matter of copying Nature, rather a process of creative distillation, extracting the most essential elements. Her work demonstrates a mastery of the brush, as well as a critical awareness of humanity in relation to Nature. Lil has quietly worked on the development of her signature style and her own unique vision, a contemplation of light, place and a deep silence.

    Lil Chrzan has lived and painted in the seaside village of Horseshoe Bay for the past 22 years.

    Spilling Light, 46x54


  • Haley Burns

    Victoria, BC

    haleyburnsartl haleyburnsart2


    Haley Hudson Burns is a photographer and graphic designer born and raised in the Okanagan Valley. She has lived in the mountains, the prairies, and beside the sea right here in Victoria. She has a healthy obsession for texture, natural and man made, and the product of these elements as they are exposed to the effects of time and nature. Her current passion lies in the margins of where the land and the sea meet. Her most recent collection, La Vida Marinha,  features the vibrant details found in the Victoria Marina, as well as marinas in Portugal, and the Balearic Islands. 

    She is currently based in Golden, British Columbia. 


  • Art By Di

    Bowen Island, BC

    Di (Diana Izdebski) was born in Vancouver, BC in 1984. She works with acrylic on canvas and focuses on the colorful and striking landscapes surrounding her home on Bowen Island. After completing a Bachelor of Arts with Archaeology Major from Simon Fraser University in 2009, in 2010 she began freelancing as an Archaeological Illustrator. It wasn’t long before she gave in to the desire to paint and hasn’t put a brush down since. Self-taught in acrylics her first Solo Exhibition was at The Gallery in Artisan Square on Bowen Island in 2014. She took a brief hiatus in 2015 to have a daughter and is now back in the studio making steady progress on numerous projects, including two 360 degree murals for the new BC Children’s Hospital Teck Acute Care Center.

    She lives and works on Bowen Island, BC and is heavily influenced by the natural beauty found on the West Coast.


    artbydi HoweSound

    Howe Sound, Giclée on Canvas, 18x36, $450